Cello 2018 Workshops at SummerKeys

 * indicate limited availability for that week

  • June 18-22
  • June 25-29
  • July 2-6
  • July 9-13
  • July 16-20
  • July 23-27
  • July 30-August 3
  • August 6-10
  • August 13-17
  • August 20-24
  • August 27-31

Instructor: Peter Lewy, Kathleen Collisson, Joachim Woitun, Matthew Goeke 

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Tuition: $695 per week
Ensemble Option: $150 per week.

Five private lessons; use of private practice studio two hours daily; daily group classes, ensemble work, 2 “master class” style instruction classes, end of week performance classes. An accompanist is available.

The Cello Workshop at SummerKeys opened its doors in 1995, utilizing the same basic precept as the original piano program: an intensive practice/study vacation for busy adults (who rarely have this kind of time to devote to their instrument during the rest of the year) in a breathtakingly beautiful setting.

Each day begins with an hour-long group class for all participants at 9 AM; The formation of ensembles is encouraged not just among the cellists but also with the overlapping instrumental and piano programs. For those selecting the ensemble option, faculty set up coaching sessions for these according to student schedules. Late afternoons are given over to group rehearsals.

Evening Activities involve a Social (Monday), a Faculty Concert (Wednesday) and performance classes (Thursday and Friday for those who wish to participate). There is no audition and no minimum skill level. Like the entire program — the premise is: “Come as you are to enjoy the study, the work and the beauty of our historic fishing village”. Absolute beginners with no previous instruction are welcome. 

Students: (1.)please bring your cello to the SummerKeys Cello Workshop, (2.) an “endpin anchor” or a rockstop,  (3.) a folding music stand for practice purposes, (4.) a very good metronome like the Intelli IMT-202 metrotuner comes highly recommended, and (4.) cello music that you are studying and/or would like to work on including piano accompaniment parts.  Your instructor will email any additional materials needed for the workshop.

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A Word from your Instructor & Testimonials:

Kathleen Collisson, Instructor

I have a lifelong love of teaching, and the atmosphere of support and acceptance at Summerkeys makes it an ideal place to learn. Coming back year after year to see how students have progressed – not just in technical skill, but also in confidence- is an exciting and magical experience for me.

I like to think of myself and my students as a community-within-the-community, and try to incorporate group playing into the class whenever possible. When I drive into Lubec each summer and see a row of cello cases going up the hill, I know I am home!”  

Ginger G

Two summers ago I had the good fortune to study with Kathleen. I found her teaching to be sensitive, expert, and completely tuned in to helping me make the most of my time a Summerkeys. I studied with her for one week. It wasn’t enough. How inspiring it is to have an excellent and dedicated teacher!

Carolyn H

Kathy was a wonderful teacher for a rank beginner adult cello student. In addition to her knowledge and skills in teaching adults, she possesses infinite patience and tact. She knows when to push and when to let your newly acquired technique “settle in” before asking more of you. I got such a good start on the cello working with Kathy and truly appreciate her sharing her talents with me.  

Cathy B

Kathleen is a very caring and helpful cello coach. I found her instuction to be right on target for me pointing out ways I could make my playing better. She is patient and laid back but insistent in getting a better result. I had a really enjoyable week.  

Shari H.

I started cello lessons with Peter in 1990 at age 44, and it was the most brilliant thing I have ever done. Peter is a very gifted teacher who brings a special sensitivity to his students. He is very perceptive so that he is able to home in on technical and musical issues, tweak them, and in the process one feels the joy of discovery. Thanks to starting to learn the cello with Peter, I quit an unpleasant job and opened my own business, and I never looked back. I continue to study with Peter. He is an inspiration.  

Irv Weiler

I started taking Cello lessons when I retired, so I am obviously no youngster. Peter is an excellent teacher. He is very structured, very patient and obviously very knowledgeable. Not only is he also an excellent Cellist but takes the time to work with his students so that in the end, they too can excel.  

Judith DeBrosse

Peter Lewy is a cellist with clear and sensitive musical interpretation. He can fill an audience with emotion in seconds.
Peter has an uncanny talent for teaching students at all levels. He has enormous patience and his techniques always work. I have studied with him for almost 6 years. I have been able to achieve a level I never thought possible as an adult. Peter knows where I need to go before I even have a thought of going anywhere. He is an extraordinary teacher and cellist.  

Michael S.

I started with Peter Lewy as an adult complete beginner student, never having played an instrument before. With his help, I have become proficient enough on the cello to join local orchestras, start a quartet, and even take small professional gigs. Peter approaches lessons from a unique perspective, and his combination of tested methodology, patience and humor are ideal for adult students. His insight, gained from years of both teaching and performing on the cello, is invaluable to students of all levels. Studying with Peter has helped me to realize the dream of making music, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.