Celtic Harp 2014 Workshops at SummerKeys

  • August 18-22* 
  • August 25-29

Instructor: Sue Richards

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Tuition: $620
Coached Ensemble Option: $150 per week.

The week-long workshops provide a daily (Monday-Friday) 45-minute private lesson, 60-minute group class, and two hours of scheduled practice time (in a private studio) for each student, plus the opportunity to play and be coached in ensemble music not only with other harps, but also with cellists, violinists, and pianists whose programs run the same week. The workshop is open to students at all levels; there is no audition or entrance requirement other than owning an instrument and bringing it with you.

*This class is limited to six students.

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A Word from your Instructor:

Sue Richards

Summerkeys is a dream vacation: music every day, great food, quaint own, concerts, and plenty of sights to see.

My students say they learn almost a years worth of tunes in the week here. I think that just getting away from home is a good thing.

Sometimes we leave the doors open for the harp class. Suddenly there will be a parade of folk wandering by.  

* Limited Availablility