Flute 2018 Workshops at SummerKeys

  • July 9-13
  • July 16-20
  • July 23-27
  • July 30-August 3
  • August 6-10
  • August 13-17
  • August 20-24
  • August 27-31

Instructor: Suzanne Gilchrest, Andrea Maurer, Eve Friedman

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Tuition: $695
Coached Ensemble Option: $150 per week.

Each of the weekly sessions provides a daily (Monday-Friday) 60-minute private lesson and two hours of scheduled practice time (in a private studio) for each student, plus group and ensemble classes. (Students will be encouraged, but not required, to play in ensembles not only with other flutists, but also with the clarinetists and pianists there in parallel weeks.)

*  limited availability

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A Word from your Instructor:

Eve Friedman, Instructor

Working with adults at Summerkeys is a magical experience. People have come to study with me from all over the country, either once or year after year. Either way, having so much time to think about the flute always changes their playing and their idea of themselves as musicians. I have met the most inspiring people in Lubec!     

Suzanne Gilchrest, Instructor

I still remember the very first day I arrived in Lubec and how the light, the air and the view of the water all took my breath away. I had no idea it would be the beginning of such a long and wonderful relationship. Teaching at SummerKeys has given me the opportunity to collaborate with wonderful and supportive colleagues and work with an amazing group of students. Lubec’s beauty inspires us all and SummerKeys is a place where your passion for music can thrive.  

Andrea Maurer, Instructor

I am very passionate about music and love to teach and share my knowledge with others. My teaching style is positive and encouraging, which creates a supportive and upbeat learning environment. In lessons, there will be an emphasis on increasing breath control, creating a beautiful tone, learning expressive phrasing, as well as improving technique. Often my students are surprised at how much they have learned in such a short amount of time. Prospective students are welcome to contact me with any questions or concerns. I’m happy to help and look forward to meeting you at SummerKeys.  


I want to thank you (Andrea Maurer) with all my heart for all you gave me this summer at Summerkeys. Wow. You changed everything I was doing and it has made a huge improvement. I was doing so much wrong and you corrected it. You are extremely organized and you work in a logical manner. I am doing your practice warm ups and I love having a plan. I am getting better too. I have more confidence in my playing and relax more. You are the best thing to happen to me and on top of that you are a very nice person.  Carol Arthur, Alberta Canada  

Andrea Maurer has the gift of being able to distill the essence of a lifetime of flute playing into lessons that are demanding, fun and helpful. She is an encouraging and exacting teacher who brings out the best in her students. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, her class is guaranteed to take you to a whole other place! – Barbara O’Hara, New York  

Andrea makes such a great impression on everyone that she is associated with. When I return to Summer Keys, I intentionally go when she is instructing. She has the uncanny ability to make learning music a lot of fun and most enjoyable. Even the most nervous student relaxes, has fun and improves. She would be an awesome instructor in any endeavor.- Raul Reinstein, Jonesport, Maine   

It is both a pleasure and a privilege to study with Eve Friedman.  She may specialize as a performer in Baroque Flute, but she is far and away the most adaptable flute teacher I have ever encountered.  I think I tested the bounds of that adaptability.  It’s a long story but I had almost never played a musical instrument and had never taken lessons until I was 68 years old. Just to make it worse, my long-term interests were Eastern European and Celtic flute music, but I still wanted a classical education on the Boehm flute.  Eve “got it” immediately.  One of Eve’s specialties is tone development, which was important to me.  She brought out my “inner nerd” and had me happily practicing overtones and scales for hours.  With her help I made tremendous progress.  She was also able to integrate me with the other players, several of whom were years ahead of me.  With Eve, I almost never felt that I was holding the rest of the group back.”- Stu Schaffner  

Eve Friedman is an amazing teacher full of creativity and inspiration. Each lesson with Eve just causes you to want to play the flute more…   Her passion and love for music and the flute overflow into me, causing me to want to learn more. What has helped me to learn and love playing the flute is that Eve believes in me, is super encouraging and has the ability to come down to my level. Even the most basic things that I achieve she knows how to be happy with me. I feel very comfortable with her” – Lizzy Hogg  

Eve Friedman is a wonderful teacher, the best I’ve ever known. She cooks up creative exercises which really help. An amazing diagnostician, she identifies the causes of strange sounds and finds solutions. The group sessions are fun; she’s supportive of all of us no matter our levels of experience. She is warm & funny yet expects us to work. She’s the best!”  Jeane Grisso