2015 Workshops at SummerKeys

  • July 13-17
  • July 27-31
  • August 10-14
  • August 24-28

Instructor: John Rule

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Tuition: $ 400

Creative Writing Workshop Description

The SummerKeys Creative Writing Workshop, now in its fourth year, provides twelve hours of active workshop time spread over five intensive days. You will explore the writer’s toolkit, applying each day’s lessons to perhaps something new, or maybe to something you have been working on. Various point-of-view strategies will be discussed, as well as the crafting of dialogue and the hidden methods used to bring it home, the creation of your own set of rules, and other tools of the writer’s craft, all to help you develop your own style. The Art of Subtext is of special interest because it deals with saying more than just what is simply in the words. It can also be used to mask meanings from some while making the message more forceful to others. We pay particular attention to character development because it is they, not the author, who bring the story to life.

Bring your laptop, your clay tablet, or whatever your favorite writing tool happens to be. If printing is needed, it can be done at the Lubec Memorial Library, just steps away. The genre of your choice can be explored, in formats from the Flasher to the Epic.

Writers should be at least eighteen and class size is limited to eight.


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A Word from your Instructor:

John Rule


You wake up with a phrase in your head and it just won’t go away. Does it belong to a character you are conversing with right now? No? Maybe it’s the voice of one lurking deep in your subconscious, but whose story clearly needs to be told. You labor over every word, demanding of yourself: Is it really the right one? Or is there maybe one with more poetry, more subtext, more clarity.

You don’t fret about using words your reader won’t get because you know they will, but you worry endlessly about using language that is not right for your character. After all, you may be their only friend. When they tell you things you listen, sometimes hearing their rants late at night when they croon in your ear, expounding and sulking and pleading that you get it. You are a writer.