John Rule

John Rule , currently working on his next release while marketing his eighth, also free-lances for The Quoddy Tides.  A full-time Lubec resident with ties to the community that go back twenty five years, he learned tough lessons about writing while in the corporate world.  An avid blogger, his thoughts on the process of written communication are described at  2016 will be the fifth year he has offered this intensive 5-day workshop as part of SummerKeys.

Not all who come to Lubec for SummerKeys play a musical instrument. Our favorite musical education program is the setting for Monument Lot, which goes deep into classical music, the local Down East scene, and maybe even a homicide. Rule’s most recent release, a pair of novellas titled Orion’s Belt and Alnilam, look closely at small community attitudes. These and other works penned by the SummerKeys faculty member who is also Lubec’s Resident Novelist (writing under the name JD Rule), can be viewed and even purchased through his Facebook author page:, or simply by visiting Amazon.