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2017 Newsletter

Dear SummerKeys Family: Let’s do the “bad news” first: tuition will go up by $30 per week (i.e., those sessions priced at $645 in 2016

November 08, 2016 Newsletter
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SummerKeys News

Dear SummerKeys Family, Just a few words to keep you informed about our plans for the great Summer of 2016. The latest development is our

January 22, 2016 Newsletter
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2016 Newsletter

“When the climate outdoors is spiteful SummerKeys looms so invite-ful June’ll be here before you know Leave your coats, grab your notes and let’s go!”

November 14, 2015 Newsletter
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Photo Master Class

New… Master Photo Classes with Frank Van Riper Intense three-day classes for experienced photographers Limited enrollment (5 students maximum) Photo Master Class 2018 at SummerKeys:

November 13, 2015 Photo Master Class
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SKS History

SUMMERKEYS – ITS  HISTORY AND  BEGINNINGS In the 1960’s, living in Manhattan,  I worked the night-shift in record stores and practiced by day, having the

November 12, 2015 SKS History
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1. The “Cora Buenconsejo Memorial Piano Scholarship” Donated by her mother; it covers one week’s tuition in Piano A, B or C for one student

September 08, 2014 Scholarships
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