Dear SummerKeys Family,

Just a few words to keep you informed about our plans for the great Summer of 2016. The latest development is our addition of two new weeks of Jazz Piano – the 15th and 22nd of August!

It continues to be our luck to have Kent Hewitt around for his “usual” two weeks in July, but typically we have to turn a few people away because so many want the chance to work with him. So we’ve been searching since 2014 for someone who’d have that charisma, vast knowledge and kindness typical of Kent; and just over a week ago, I contacted Sebastien Ammann, a new colleague of mine at Turtle Bay Music School in New York City. He expressed interest right away and, in our first conversation I noticed all the qualities we were looking for plus others, equally fine and unique to him. On top of that, I attended the concert he gave with his quartet at school, and I can assure you that these are musicians of the first rank, performing with ease fluidity and conviction. I can’t help but feel that Sebastien will develop his weeks into the same exciting experience that Kent has done with his! Although we discovered him too late for the 2016 brochure, all of Sebastien’s information is now up on our web-site.

Remember to check Frank Van Riper’s new Photo Master Classes and John Rule’s advanced creative writing dates, along with the return of Dave Alpher and Jennie Litt’s Cabaret Workshop and Gene Nichols’ “Instrumentarium”. Patricia Caya and Ali Garrison will return to teach voice and Andrea Hoag had the inspiring idea of inviting violin, viola and cello to attend her “Fiddle” Workshop.

All of our other wonderful  facultyare returning and (a first) we’ll get to hear Ina Litera and Matt Goeke as a trio with John Newell for our opening concert.

Kindest Regards, Bruce  (and Helga)