An Affectionate Up-date from the director!

An Affectionate Up-date from the director!

Affectionate Greetings from the director: The summer of 2014 swept by us with an opening gust from Hurricane Edward – not supposed to hit us at all, but which brought down huge and ancient trees all over town, including the beloved copper beech by Congregational Christian Church, taking out part of a priceless stained-glass window as well. Even March brought unrest, with the death of George Lelievre, that dear man who invented the scheduling program for our computer. But as our inspired faculty continued to sweep in from all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, an air of optimism finally took over to officially launch another great season. We had twelve incredible concerts, including a complete performance of Schoenberg’s “Pierrot Lunaire”, the student Performance Classes continued their impressive climb toward professionalism, and we were able to pay faculty to work their musical magic with the young people in Lubec’s annual Summer Rec. Program. We had had to send one of our big Yamaha grands down to the school when the water pipes froze in Sacred Heart Parish Hall, so the kids got use of it also. Responding to the Masons’ kind offer, we bought another Yamaha upright so we would have the use of their hall for practice space. We moved the Monday Evening Socials to the Congregational Parsonage, where we provide the light supper, so it’s now free and much more pleasant. We were sorry to accept Jack Fergusson’s bid for retirement, but “his” two weeks will be filled by Patricia Caya (July 27 – 31), a teacher and performer with a wide reputation “Downeast” and Ali Garrison (August 3-7), an old friend of SummerKeys, now teaching and performing in Canada. Also, a different “slant” on vocal work will be provided when our new program in “Cabaret” takes over the intimate stage of the beautifully refurbished Lubec Grange see our Cabaret Workshop page for more info.

Violin will get its own new twist when we present two weeks of “Fiddle” at the season’s end, learn more on our Violin Workshop page. As you can see, we’ll be continuing to expand in 2015, and in order to maintain the standards you’ve come to expect, while keeping our facilities safe, comfortable and attractive, we will raise the basic tuition by $25 (just that, – no change in coached ensemble or deposits). As a foil to that, please consider scholarship assistance described on our registration page, rather than stay at home.

May the lure of bald eagles, harbor seals, wild roses and wild surf crashing at the foot of stony cliffs draw you into our musical world, anew or again!!!


A Note from Helen Lelievre:

Words fall short, but I want to try to say, “Thank you” for all the love and support you have poured over me since George’s death in March. Your notes, cards, emails, phone calls, hugs, kind words, smiles, encouragement, presence, patience, storytelling, and the shared tears, and laughter have helped me so very much. And the music… I think we all know of the wondrous powers of music, but I was blessed to experience it for the eleven weeks of SummerKeys 2014 … special thanks to those who dedicated music selections to George. Thank you to those who donated to the Lubec Library, and the SummerKeys Scholarship Fund. I will continue as registrar for SummerKeys, and I look forward to continued contact with many of you, and to the 2015 season. As George would say, “SummerKeys is family in every way but blood.”

With heartfelt appreciation,
Helen Lelievre