Tuition: $920 per week

Coached Ensemble Option: $175 per week.

Each of the two weekly sessions provides daily (Monday-Friday) private lessons with length determined by instructor  and two hours of scheduled practice time (in a private studio) for each student, plus group classes. Students are accepted at any level of ability.The guitar week at SummerKeys is designed for the amateur or casual guitarist of all levels including beginning players who might be brand new to the experience. Based on Winslow Browning’s Seven Principles of Guitar Playing – A Workshop for Amateur Guitarists, the week’s activities enable each participant to come away with a better understanding of simple fundamentals that comprise the more complex activities of playing.

A Workshop for Amateur Guitarists

  • Common myths about practicing
  • Dem Bones, Dem Bones
  • The Donut Rule and Krispy Kreme Corollary
  • Do you have the proper tools?
  • Meet Fred and Ginger- the choreography of playing the guitar
  • Come to your senses!
  • What is your recipe for lasagna?

Daily Schedule

9:00-10:00 Each day begins with an hour-long group warm-up.
10:00-3:00 Each participant receives a private lesson for one hour, rotated daily.
4:30-? Guitarists interested in playing with other instruments should click on the “Coached Ensemble Option.

The workshop is open to students at all levels; there is no audition or entrance requirement other than owning an instrument and bringing it with you

A Word from your Instructor

Winslow Browning

Come on Down East, to Lubec, and Summerkeys.
Come for the music and try a lobster, please!

In class, we’ll explore mostly technical things,
But in lessons, any style fit for guitars with six strings.

Bring along any music you might like – always my wish
But we’ll also find out scales are not just for fish!

Practice all morning, take a hike out to Quoddy,
Then steamers and Guinness – all good for a body.

Come for a week – you’ll know very soon
Why many folks claim that we’re Brigadoon!


L. G. (San Antonio, TX)

I loved the guitar class. Winslow covered all the nuts and bolts of guitar playing.

R. F. (Montreal, Quebec)

A great way to get re-acquainted with the guitar after so many years away from it!

J. F. (Toronto, Ontario)

Winslow is a terrific ensemble coach. We had so much fun and learned so much!

T. L. (New York City, NY)

Winslow, I can’t say exactly what you did but I do know I play better at the end of the week than I did at the beginning!”

C. R. (Las Vegas, NV)

“Thank you, Winslow! I learned so much!

D. C. (Hartford, CT)

Winslow, you were a great help with my tremolo. You are a great teacher and I am looking forward to lessons via Skype

P. F. (San Francisco, CA)

Thanks for a great week. I am playing with a pain-free thumb now!

R. M. (Bar Harbor, ME)

Thanks to your help with my posture, my back feels so much better!

Introduction to Summerkeys

Workshop Dates

  • July 29-August 2
  • August 5-9

Guitar Faculty

Winslow Browning

Winslow Browning

Guitarist Winslow Browning has performed to critical acclaim from New York to Berlin and Lubec, […]

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