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Spend a week of hands-on learning and location photography with award-winning husband and wife photographer-authors Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman. Working from their stunning home in west Lubec overlooking Morrison Cove, Frank and Judy will cover basics of portraiture, landscape and documentary photography during morning instruction, followed by assignments in multiple locations including Quoddy Head State Park, Campobello Island, NB and the colorful town of Lubec itself. Daily critiques and one-on-one instruction. Minimum age for attendance is 16. Single-digit class size assures personal instruction. Students must supply their own digital camera, capable of Manual Mode operation, as well as a laptop computer and thumb drive on which to edit and download photographs.

A Word from your Instructor

Frank Van Riper and Judy Goodman

It’s great enough to teach workshops in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. But what Judy and I really love is teaching our students to SEE light and to turn that vision into amazing photos. Once you stop letting your camera do your thinking for you, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Combine that with a simpatico, no-pressure, workshop environment and it’s no wonder our students can’t wait to return to Lubec. Hope you can join us this summer.

Carla Beaton

“I found the Lubec Photo Workshop with Frank Van Riper and Judy Goodman a perfect match for my interests and skills. On the technical side, I learned much more about my camera’s capabilities and picked up great tips on exposure, lighting, and composition techniques. And on the aesthetic side, I benefited greatly from Frank and Judy’s great “eyes” and lifetimes of creative composing, editing, and lighting through the view finder. The opening critique of our pre-class portfolios was fascinating and interesting. The three critiques of our week’s work during and after the class were invaluable. Frank was always lavish with praise for our successes — and explanations of “what worked” in each photo. He was also very candid about our so-so pictures and our not-at-all good pictures — with great suggestions about how to salvage some or advice on which to abandon and perhaps re-shoot. His candor was applied evenly to all of us. At all times the atmosphere was constructive and challenging, never negative and competitive. His and Judy’s friendliness, enthusiasm and energy in leading our many field trips made each day fun and lively. I’mproud of my Lubec “keeper” photos and am confident that I can make more!” Donna Prevedell, Eagarville, IL

“As an art teacher I’ve taken many artistic workshops over the years. But this one ranks up there as one of the best” – Nancy Smith, Machiasport, ME

Brian Flynn
Brittany Gibbons
Scott Newall

“It was structured to provide both group, as well as individualized instruction. Frank and Judy make a great team who work one-on-one with each student to help you progress, no matter what your skill level” – Nancy Smith, Machiasport, ME

Theresa Ainsworth
Robert Sullivan
Rik Michaud

“We learned how to take control of our cameras manually and many challenging photo shoots were arranged for us to practice what we had learned”– Nancy Smith, Machiasport, ME

Ken Dubie
Nancy Smith

“The class was a nice blend of photographers from around the country which provided a rich collaborative learning experience” – Nancy Smith, Machiasport, ME

Kathy Jones

“Thank you Frank and Judy and Summer Keys for making this excellent photographic experience available” -Nancy Smith, Machiasport, ME

Karen Long
Frank Van Riper

“I had an amazing time in beautiful Lubec and very much enjoyed meeting you all. Thanks for all the help, tips, use of equipment and lifts around the place. It was great to see what everyone had produced at the end of the week and how differently each of us saw each place, interesting to see what everyone else was looking at whilst I was crawling around on the floor!” – Fiona Michie. Kent, England

Judith Goodman
Judith Goodman

“Frank and Judy can make hanging out in a cemetery in the dark of night not only an educational and interesting experience, but a whole lot of fun as well. Imagine what they can do during the day” – Robert Sullivan, Washington, DC

Dennis Day
Gana Browning

“What I gained in confidence and knowledge from this workshop was equaled only by the pleasure of camaraderie with classmates and instructors, and by the enjoyment of a week well spent” – Robert Sullivan, Washington, DC

“Not taking and enjoying Frank and Judy’s Summer Keys photography course can be hazardous to your health” – Brian W. Flynn U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, U.S. Public Health Service, Ret. Millersville, MD

Barbara Fox
Fred Keeney
Fred Keeney

“The Lubec Photo Workshop was great. I learned to shoot in manual mode in numerous situations and get results that worked! Frank and Judy are knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. I’m already looking forward to next year.” – Robin Kempster, Albany, Calif

Frank Van Riper
Frank Van Riper
Frank Van Riper

“Judy Goodman and Frank Van Riper’s Photo workshop was terrific. They are master photographers who couple expert knowledge of photographic technique with a nuanced aesthetic sense. In addition, they’re very talented teachers, able to impart their knowledge and the many possibilities photography offers. They do all this while working with a group’s diverse styles and skills. All in all, it was a very worthwhile experience. I would recommend it highly.” – Frank Korahais, Forest Hills, NY

John Bigelow
Judith Goodman
Judith Goodman
Kamie Derouin

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Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman

Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman

Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman are husband and wife documentary and fine art photographers, […]

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