Greetings, Folks!

Greetings, Folks!

All the signs of spring are fast appearing, if not already with us; meaning it’s time to get ready for another glorious time at SummerKeys! Of course, we’ve been laying the groundwork for 2017 since late last summer, but now it’s time to add the final and most important component – YOU!

We’ve added some new opportunities for string ensemble, plus that additional spot for jazz piano in late summer with Sebastian; and this session will feature his own solo concert, as well. August will also see Hayley Hewitt as the new instructor in our Celtic Harp Workshops.

So it’s time to figure which of your favorite lunch spots will grab your attention again – or maybe just a picnic on the beach among the wild roses (the gulls and the harbor seals have been waiting all winter for your return!)

And should you tire of practicing, you’ll feel less guilty if you head out for a hike along the sea cliffs on Campobello Island – or how about a bike ride down glorious South Lubec Road – and then on to Quoddy Head State Park with its “candy-cane” lighthouse, to watch the surf crashing over the rocks? And of course the Fitness Port would be on your way, if you care to stop by for a work-out.

Then, if it’s not a “concert”-night, a leisurely dinner can be planned in town at the likes of Cohill’s Inn, Frank’s Dockside Restaurant, Inn On the Wharf or the Water Street Tavern – or a jaunt over to the Island to Family Fisheries or the Herring Cove Restaurant.

And we haven’t even mentioned Eastport – a 45-minute car trip – exploring all the eateries, craft shops and galleries available there. Of course, as Gary Graffman (a fabulous pianist and contemporary of yours truly) put it, “I Really Should Be Practicing” – and that says a lot, as his thus-titled book points out.

Have Fun!!