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SummerKeys Presents: An UNUSUALLY UNDERSTANDABLE Theory Book

The same materials, covered in the same way as Potterton’s morning Theory Classes in Lubec (acquaintance with the piano keyboard is assumed).

1 – Scale construction, and the Circle of Fifths

2 – Triads, and why their “spelling” matters

3 – Chords larger than triads (7th’s, 9th’s, etc.)

4 – Triad and chord Inversions
(2, 3, and 4 are aimed at helping one to play ANY symbol in a “Fake Book”)

5 – Minor Scales, and why there are different kinds

All of these topics are covered as lucidly as possible (no prior understanding is assumed; no unintelligible terms are used; most pages include diagrams directly related to the keyboard).

This is a slim volume (about 52 pages, no fancy binding), so we can send it to you for $24.95, postage included

Mail check to:
Bruce Potterton, 32 North Main St, Boonton, NJ 07005