2018 Newsletter

2018 Newsletter

Dear SummerKeys Family,

We’ve been working hard since the middle of last season to be sure that this summer’s offerings will be as exciting and unique as you’ve all come to expect.

Perhaps we should first mention our “stay alive” tuition hike of $20, making most programs now $695 weekly.

Then there’s some faculty news:
– Patricia Caya (voice) will adjust her week from June 25 to July 9.
– Bob Stibler (trumpet) is moving his two weeks back to start on July 30.
– Gregory Biss is switching his weeks a bit to do four weeks straight, starting on July 9, and will do his solo concert on Tuesday, 7/3 since July 4th falls on “his” Wednesday.
– Kent Hewitt (jazz piano) will not play a concert this summer and will also limit the number of students he teaches.
– David Alpher’s and Jennie Litt’s Cabaret Concert will take place on Kent’s former date. (July 18)
– David Bakamjian (cello) can’t do his week because of a family commitment, but Kathleen Collisson will be taking his place.
– Ali Garrison (voice) will be adding a third week, to help accommodate her growing program.

All the rest of our splendid faculty will be on hand during their usual times and their summer-long series of weekly concerts is already taking shape; including, for instance, the premier of a brand new work by John Newell with Patricia Caya (voice), Suzanne Gilchrest (flute), Setsuko Otake (oboe) and Mr. Newell (piano).

And there will be no lack of fresh ocean breezes and jaw-dropping vistas of golden meadows, lined with tidal pools and banks of wild roses; so start packing!

With Affection, Bruce