At Turtle Bay Music School
244 E. 52nd Street
In New York City

You decide which week you would like to experience a WinterKeys program. The program is similar to SummerKeys’ Program …

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1. The “Cora Buenconsejo Memorial Piano Scholarship”

Donated by her mother; it covers one week’s tuition in Piano A, B or C for one student per summer.

2. The George Lelievre Memori

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Greetings, Folks!

All the signs of spring are fast appearing, if not already with us; meaning it’s time to get ready for another glorious time at SummerKeys! Of course, we’ve been laying the groundwo…

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2017 Newsletter

Dear SummerKeys Family:

Let’s do the “bad news” first: tuition will go up by $30 per week (i.e., those sessions priced at $645 in 2016 will cost $675 in 2017). This is necessary to mai…

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